Nearly every day I pop into Linkedin and choose a few people I would like to connect with. I don’t just invite anybody, I am selective.
After a few minutes of doing this I browse the posts that have been published. I don’t do this for more than 10 minutes, and even that is a stretch. But I do enjoy seeing perspectives and inspirational videos and messages.
For example, I recently viewed this video:
I also saw a little snip about how there are “good jobs and bad jobs and good bosses and bad bosses”.
If you are a boss, then you are doing it wrong. Don’t be a boss because they are bossy. Be a leader. Work with those that you work with and not those you think you work over. Be the role model that is inspired and inspires others. Be compassionate because you do not know what your coworker is going through in life. Even if you did know, we all respond differently a situation or experience.
There is no such thing as a bad job. your attitude determines if the job is bad, good, or indifferent to you. If you don’t like your job, change your job! There are only 2 ways: Change to another job or change your attitude and make your job better.
Back when I was just before 7 years old, I started my first business. It was VERY profitable. I went on the wrong side of the fence of the Mission Viejo Country Club’s golf course. Wrong side? Yes, that is not where the green is, it is the slope where at the bottom is the freeway. I would go there and gather all the golf balls that I could find, take them home, clean them up in the sink or bathtub. Then the next time I was able to make it out of the house, I would sit near the exit from the 16th and 17th hole where the golfers needed to cross a residential street. I sold the golf balls there. During the summer months I would make over $1k a month. Not bad for a micro-entrepreneur. There would be some times where I did not have enough golf balls to sell. So I decided to expand and make lemonade. I did the same thing. Sold at the same spot. Made plenty of money. This was a valuable lesson to myself doing this. I learned that there is no bad job, I only needed to push myself if I wanted to reach my goals. My goals? Karate lessons, going to the movies, roller skating, etc. As a matter of fact, there is only 1 month that I did not pay for my own karate lessons in my life. My parents gave me that 1 month as a Birthday gift.
So having goals and not taking my work for granted kept my attitude elevated. I never saw the work as bad. Even when I did not make the money I wanted, I just change how the work I did and kept the cash flow coming in.
Years later I learned this great saying “Attitude is Altitude”. That statement could not be more correct. I have had my peaks and valleys and I own them all.
I am very known for resolving traumas from the past. I wanted to share a little exercise with everybody. I challenge you to do this, just to see the effects.
This is free exercise for YOU. It is simple to do. You can do it now if you want. This will better your mental, emotional, and physical health.
I call this “DISSOLVE“.

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