Qigong For Your Health

Absolutely everything thing we offer is about your well-being. Be it spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, or physical. 
We are dedicated toward helping you achieve the best in well-being possible.

Group Class schedule

Location: Mountain View Park, Lake Forest, California
Available for video streaming!
$159 a month for Group Qigong

Private Instruction

Day Class Time
Saturday Group
9:00 am-10:00 am
Saturday Advanced Group (Invitation Only)
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: In person at Mountain View Park or live video streaming!
$400 a month for 4, one hour private lessons is either Qigong or T'ai Chi

Day Class Time
Any day scheduled
By Appt
Any day scheduled
T'ai Chi
By Appt

Dive in the World of Well-being and Mindfulness

Ultimately, the cost to become a student of Qigong cannot be compared to the price of happiness and well being. You’ll be glad you made the choice!

Private T'ai Chi Instruction

If you are looking to learn T"ai Chi privately, then look no further. We come to you or place of your choosing for your private lesson.

Private Meditation Instruction

Learn meditation techniques specific to your needs so you can achieve what you seek, quickly.

Private Qigong Instruction

Qigong is our speciality and we offer private instruction at your place of choosing. Our Qigong courses run anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks but can be modified to your schedule.

Group T'ai Chi Instruction

Looking for group instruction at your business or facility? We can bring the program to your facility and help everybody gain the benefits of T'ai Chi.

Group Meditation Instruction

We offer guided meditation classes in group format. If you have a facility or want us to come to your business, we are ready to help your staff lower their stress and gain a great sense of well-being.

Group Qigong Instruction

Bring us to your facility or business and we will provide you and your friends or co-workers with an ongoing program to maximize their well-being.

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