Certification Courses

April 9

Starting early June 2020, we will be offering the Syllabus 1 program toward certification.

This is the 1st of 4 courses toward earning your Medical Qigong Practitioner certification.

Here is a list of the 4 syllabuses needed to earn your Medical Qigong Practitioner certification:

Syllabus 1 – Introduction to Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy

Syllabus 2 – Introduction to Diagnosis and Treatments with Medical Qigong Therapy

Syllabus 3 – Clinical Foundations to Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy

Syllabus 4 – The Treatment of Organ Diseases and Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises

Meeting days and times have not been set yet. We will wait for those interested to make their voices heard so that we can find a time that works well for everybody.

We will be meeting online (unless you are in town or I am in town), each meeting will be 1 hour long but if there is an opportunity to make it 2 hours straight … we will try for that.

Because of the economic slowing, I am lowering the cost for the 1st syllabus to $1500. That is a $200 savings. 

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via facebook,

email Info@QigongLearningInstitute.com, or

phone (949) 42-GREAT or with numbers (949) 424-7328.

More info regarding certification to Medical Qigong Therapist, Master of Medical Qigong, and Doctor of Medical Qigong can be found at the website.

As always, if you have completed any syllabus, you may participate again in the same syllabus being offered. Each time I teach the same syllabus, it is a little different so there are new things to learn.

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